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Why is Gutter Cleaning so Important?

The main purpose of gutters and guttering is to safely remove rainfall from the properties and whisking it away, into the drainage system. Gutters and roofs are not designed to hold standing water for lengthy periods of time.

Clogged gutters, caused by a build-up of debris, can hamper effective rainwater drainage and long term can cause expensive and preventable damage to your property.

Gutter cleaning is the process of removing debris that builds up within the gutters, to ensure the free movement of water into the downpipe. Using a powerful wet and dry gutter cleaning vacuum, such as the skyVac® Atom or Industrial, your local cleaning specialist can harness the immense suction power and air flow to unclog gutters and downpipes. High reach carbon fibre suction poles provide easy in gutter access, all from the safety of the ground.

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