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The Dangers of Choosing the Wrong Gutter Protection System

Gutter protection systems such as gutter screens and gutter guards provide efficient filtration and safeguard against water damage. If you choose the wrong system to install over your gutters, it could invite all sorts of problems. Here are some of them.

Fallen leaves, pine needles, and other small debris can enter through the gutter cover and build a mat of mulch as time goes by. This debris buildup can be difficult to remove, allowing seeds to take hold. Some covers that install below the roof edge can also provide a surface where debris can collect and hold moisture that can rot the fascia.

During heavy rainfall, fast-moving runoff can run past the gutter cover and rot window sills, erode foundations, or wash away foliage. Your gutter protection system should be able to effectively handle the volume of water your roof receives during harsh weather conditions with no overshoot.

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