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How Professionals Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning is one of those tasks most homeowners dread. Many avoid it and end up with clogged gutters that overflow every time it rains. Those who understand the importance of clean gutters but don’t yet have rain gutter guards often call professional gutter cleaning companies. If you have a gutter cleaning company come to your home twice a year, you may wonder how they do the job so quickly and efficiently. Here’s more about how they get the job done.

Generally speaking, professionals will clean your gutters more thoroughly and effectively than you might. But that’s to be expected, since they’re charging for the service. Their cost includes the tools they’ve invested in. This may include industrial-strength (or even truck-mounted) vacuums with gutter-sized attachments, or extremely strong power washers to blast clogs out.

Some companies utilize what is known as “wet/dry technology,” which allows workers to alternate between power washing and vacuuming to remove all types of debris. And, last but not least, gutter cleaning pros will pick up all of the cleaned-out debris and put it into garbage bags or containers for disposal.

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